Digital Subscriber Line is our most common High-Speed Internet solution. View Details

Fiber Solutions
Available in Moose Creek and Cornwall please call for availability and pricing to suit your individual needs. At we believe in giving you what you want, not what we choose. View Details

Did you know many times when an internet connection doesn't work well in a home wireless router is because it wasn't set up right the first time? Call us regarding our fantastic all in one Wireless Units, they not only save you time, money and frustrations, but also peace of mind knowing it's set up right the first time. It's a plug and play unit that is easy to plug in and let you enjoy your internet the right way. View Details

Web Design
In today’s fast paced business world, websites have become an integral part of a successful business plan. Our professional, affordable web design service can help you get your business noticed online, hassle free. View Details

Ontarioeast hosts websites for hundreds of businesses on our servers. Leave your website in good hands with our Web Hosting service. Looking for a specific domain name? We can help with that too! View Details